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300BLK 220 gr Spire Point Remanufactured Ammunition- 500 Rounds – SUPPRESSOR USE RECOMMENDED


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Our 300 Blackout 220gr  round is perfect for everything from target shooting to medium sized game hunting. Our ammunition is loaded with once fired brass, either converted 223 or factory 300BLK we source from military or law enforcement ranges. All ammunition goes through a rigorous case inspection and testing process prior to loading, and each round is hand checked to ensure performance and reliability. PLEASE NOTE, THESE ROUNDS WILL MORE THAN LIKELY REQUIRE A SUPRESSOR TO CYCLE PROPERLY. USING ANY FIREARM SETUP WITHOUT A SUPPRESSOR MAY NOT CREATE THE PRESSURE NEEDED TO CYCLE SOME SEMI-AUTOMATIC FIREARMS CONSISTENTLY DUE TO THE EXTREMELY LOW VELOCITY THIS IS LOADED TO.


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