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Federal Premium High Over All Competition Target Load 12 Gauge 2.75″ #8 3 Dram 1 oz Lead – 25 Round Box


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Federal, Premium, High Over All, Competition Target Load, 12 Gauge 2.75", #8, 3 Dram, 1 oz, Lead, 25 Round Box

  • Hard, high-antimony lead pellets resist deformation and deliver more energy
  • All-new Podium wad improves patterns
  • Solid brass head
  • Integral base wad and tapered, single-piece plastic hull
  • More reloads per hull
  • Eight-segment crimp

Product Description


Engineered for the most elite trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters, Federal Premium High Over All leaves a trail of shattered targets in its wake and more reloads per shell. Its hard, high-antimony lead payload and exclusive one-piece Podium wad produce the most consistent patterns, while the solid brass head and tapered, one-piece hull make reloading easier than ever. It's the ultimate competition load for the world's best shooters.




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