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Primed Lake City Pull-Down Brass – 7.62×51 – 100 Count


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Primed Lake City Pull-Down Brass – 7.62×51

Primed, New Manufacture, Pull-Down

This is our newest offering for those commercial and home reloaders! NEW primed Lake City Pull-Down Brass – 7.62×51 comes directly from the Lake City ammunition plant. Pull-downs are produced from newly manufactured ammunition, which has had the projectile pulled, and smokeless powder removed, leaving the crimped-in primer in place. Before reloading, cartridges need a careful inspection, removal of any remaining projectile sealant, and neck sizing may be required. Lake City 7.62×51 brass is manufactured in the U.S.A; it’s thick-walled, tough, and makes a great set of cases for your handloads, perfect for the independent DIY reloader. Under normal conditions and with proper maintenance of your cartridges, you can expect four to eight reloads per cartridge from our experience and feedback from our customer base.


  • New Manufacture, Never Fired Lake City 7.62×51 Brass
  • The primer is seated and securely crimped.
  • Factory Annealed Necks
Brass TypeNew Brass, Once Fired – Military
Caliber.308, 7.62x51mm
Component TypeRifle
HeadstampLake City
Box QtyVarious
Primer SizeLarge Rifle



  • This is NOT Loaded Ammunition.
  • Necks contain evidence of prior loading (sealant, etc.)
  • "May" contain other NATO headstamps.

This product is made available for knowledgeable reloaders with the experience and tools necessary to do all required case-prep work. Additional re-sizing may be required. If unfamiliar with pull-downs, please do your research and understand what you are purchasing prior to checkout. When we load this brass in house, we tumble after loading to polish the brass and remove any surface discoloration, as it is not able to be tumbled until then due to being primed.

We realize some customers are very particular about the headstamps of the brass they receive. Some even so particular it takes just 1 piece of non-LC headstamp to send them into a fit. We go to great efforts to ensure our products are properly advertised, however, be advised your order "may" contain a small amount of other NATO headstamps. We do not send replacements or issue refunds/credits in these instances. You will receive a few extra pieces to make up for any issue you may encounter.


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