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Winchester WinClean 244 Ball Powder Smokeless Propellant – 8lb Container


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Duplicate the factory performance of your handgun loads with Winchester WinClean® 244™ Ball Powder Smokeless Propellant. Specially formulated to provide the clean burning, temperature, flow rates, and velocities reloaders desire for different applications, this propellant helps reloaders deliver clean burning, high-powered performance. Developed for medium handgun loads, 244 is ideally suited to the 38 special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads. 244 offers a consistency, clean burning, low flash, and broad range of applications that make it a choice for any pistol cartridge reloader. Ball powder formula provides precise metering, while the WinClean additive ensures cleaner burning performance with reduced copper fouling.

  • Smart choice for home reloaders
  • Duplicate factory performance of Winchester ammo
  • Universally used by custom handgun reloaders
  • Ideally suited to the 38 special, 45 Auto, and 9mm standard loads
  • Ball powder formula for precise metering
  • WinClean additive for cleaner burning, less copper fouling

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Weight9 lbs
Dimensions8 × 7 × 7 in


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