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Ordered 9mm red reload. They

Ordered 9mm red reload. They look good and shoot great. shipping was fast with emails about tracking. No problems and will order again.


Ordered ammo on Tuesday and

Ordered ammo on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday! You cannot do any better than that. Have not shot any of these rounds but have shot SM 45 acp & 9mm and functioned flawlessly in a variety of firearms. Should mention the ammo was packaged quite sturdily for bulk ammo. Will buy again.

R. Brown

I just recieved my order

I just recieved my order of Southern Munitions .223 62 GR Remanufactured FMJ Ammunition – 1000 rounds . I could not be more pleased. You guys always come through with great pricing, excellent shipping cost and prompt delivery.
Thank you for your service.

Gale Fillinger, Sr

Wasn’t quite sure about your

Wasn’t quite sure about your site when I ordered, so many scam ammunition sites out there. I was and am thoroughly pleased with my purchase, and saved money beyond my expectations, will use yall again when needed.


I’m gonna sound like a

I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but SOUTHERN is a GREAT RESOURCE.. I have only bought bulk 9’s here and like others, felt like I was late to the party because one easily forgets how business USED TO BE DONE.
These guys are old school no hype, say what you do, do what you say ….good product, good price, AMAZINGLY fast shipping.
I send them ALL the business I can….( but lately maybe I’m thinking we keep ‘em to ourselves 🤣🤫)
IF ….you have or want to call, you actually get a carbon based life form on the phone that is pleasant and attentive and take care of your needs.
Nuff said.

Clayton Bigsby

I purchased some 124 reman

I purchased some 124 reman 9×19 and some 185 gr .45 ammo at a price that could never be matched right here near our nations capitol! Imagine that. I did some great tactical practice-even though now retired from the special units on the police dept and 200 rnds went seriously quick with absolutely zero issues and it is much more accurate than I expected. No matter precise shots at 25yds and 50+ or fast multi round/tac reloads strings of fire in mid to close range it was petty easy to burn a hole where you wanted. This was my first time with Southern Munitions and I have nothing but great things to say about them. Affordable, fast shipping, great packing and the ammo is perfect. I gotta get more!!
Thank you Southern Munitions!!


Great, ordered on Wednesday

Great, ordered on Wednesday received on Saturday.

Rodney Lemons

Very good ammo, never jams

Very good ammo, never jams in my weapons.


Very pleased with the

Very pleased with the availability of ammo and very quick delivery. Delivery costs are a bit higher but within reason with the current market and high fuel costs.


Great prompt service

Great prompt service


The shipping was fast, and

The shipping was fast, and the ammo dependable.
I’m glad I found these guys.
I will continue to use them..

Robert Toole

124gr remanufactured southern munitions 9×19

124gr remanufactured southern munitions 9×19 250 round count. It is inexpensive and it does group well with a glock 17gen 3 with Grey ghost precision barrel. FN509mrp and HKVP9 I had one fully loaded and didn’t pick up the next round on my Glock 17/ Tap rack bang with same ammunition and it worked flawlessly. I say fluke.

The rest of the pistols it didn’t skip a beat. I will not hesitate to buy Southern Munitions. Thank you to all who tirelessly work there. Bless you all.


Well have You ever felt like you were the last one to know?

We’ll have You ever felt like you were the last one to know. That’s how I feel about this site. I was skeptical but I saw the price and thought why not take a chance. I got exactly what I wanted it was delivered on the exact day they said it would and it was exactly what I bought. This may seem like an odd review but I’m telling you there are many sites and many times that things are not accurate but this is not one of them. The site is easy to use the price was up front and I got exactly what I wanted. I have told everyone I know that owns a gun about this site and the prices. Now I can include the quality of service. Five stars don’t hesitate go look other places but bookmarked this site because you’ll be back. When you get what you’ve ordered on time in good condition and for a great price leave a good review. Well, I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse are you?

REV. S Jones

Received the ammo very quickly

Received the ammo very quickly but the shipping was a bit expensive. Overall happy and would purchase again from SM, they had ammo in stock that was sold out everywhere else and the customer service is very friendly.

Vincent Matraxia

Thanks, I’ve been looking for

Thanks, I’ve been looking for this for a long time


Good Job SM

I ordered1k of 9mm training ammo. I received the order in under 5 days, very impressive, I’m still waiting after 2 1/2 months for an order from another re-manufacturer.
I have ordered .40 cal training ammo before. Good quality product, loaded well for competitive shooting, IDPA & USPSA. soft shooting ammo with low Power Factor… I am well satisfied with your product in both 9mm and .40 cal. and extremely fast delivery.
Yes I will order again. Good Job SM.
Kevin Williams

Great experience. Fast shipping

Great experience. Fast shipping

matthew j foget

You guys never fail to put a smile on my face

You guys never fail to put a smile on my face. Received my latest order in near record time and it was exactly what I was expecting and your delivered price per round beats anything I have ever found. Thanks for the great products and fantastic service.

Gale Fillinger, Sr




Helpful people, timely fulfilment of order, and a good and reputable company.

   I was a new customer to Southern Munitions.  They had an item that I have been looking
for over the past year or so.  I sent an email and found that they still had the item I needed.
Jennifer replied and took my order.  She was extremely helpful and walked me through the
process.  The package was sent quickly, and, when I received it, there was no disappointment.
I received, because of Jennifer’s help, exactly what I wanted.
It did take 7 days to get it, but, that was because of UPS changing the delivery date 3 times.
I did miss the 1st attempt at delivery on Jan. 23.  I received it the very next day.  I will use
Southern Munitions in the future.  Helpful people, timely fulfilment of order, and a good
and reputable company.
Lee E. Aument
Lee E. Aument

Superior Service and Super Fast Shipping

Superior service and super fast shipping, awesome pricing and inventory!!! I don’t need to go anywhere else for my ammo needs. Awesome company

Frank Richardson

Good prices and very fast

Good prices and very fast delivery. Happy with the service.


Southern Munitions Reman 9mm 124g JHP that has become my GO TO self defense round

Southern Munitions produces a Reman 9mm 124g JHP that has become my GO TO self defense round.. Have yet to have a round not fire. The cost is the best delivered PPR that I have found and their delivery is fast. Great service every time. #1 in my book.

Gale Fillinger, Sr.

I recommend them to my friends and family.

I am happy with the price, quality, and speedy delivery. I definitely will order from them in the future. I recommend them to my friends and family.

Kevin Borchert

Really fast shipping nicely packaged

Really fast shipping nicely packaged will use this company again

George Scheuering jr

Quick Delivery

Thanks for the quick delivery!

Warren Grabow

3 Criteria

download (3)

dean – member since 2021-02-23

The 3 essential criteria rating a vendor are product availability, price and delivery. Southern Munitions meets or exceeds all 3.


Really fast shipping and well

Really fast shipping and well packaged product. I have not used the ammunition as of yet. 250 rds of remanufactured 9mm 115gr was an excellent price. I would buy from Southern Munitions again.

George N Leiter II

Fast shipping and great communication

Fast shipping and great communication even with the crazy holiday week. Thank you for stepping up. I’ll definitely be back great prices .

Rick Rocha

Fast delivery and a great product.

Ordered ammo. Fast delivery and a great product.. I will be ordering more!


Helpful, human, cordial, accommodating. Good

Helpful, human, cordial, accommodating. Good prices and inventory.

Jennifer was great to deal with.

Many thanks again and Happy New Year–


Tom Brown

Extremely fast delivery

Extremely fast delivery . I will be purchasing more ammunition in the future.


Keep Coming Back Even Though Its An Hour Drive

I have known Ryan Gibbs for 12 years.
VERY honorable Christian family man who is smart, clever, resourceful and many other fine attributes.
Ryan will help you make the best decsion for yourself whatever your situation is.
You will do what I have done…keep on coming back even though its an hour drive to SM.

Buford GA 30519

Allan Viscardi

Received in in a timely manner

I was pleased to find a scares ammunition caliber and received in in a timely manner. Grate trade!

James Nelson

Speedy shipping!

Speedy shipping. Have tried one box so far, had one failure to fire. ?

Thomas Pearce

Good quick service

Good quick service

Steve Van Hoy

My USMC son was extremely impressed

My USMC son was extremely impressed with your refurbished 9mm ammo during our shooting outing Thanksgiving weekend. Not one round jammed. I was able to pick up my order within a couple of hours of placing it. We will be making additional orders when we figure out what we need next time.

Dave Docherty

You guys have “hit it out of the ballpark” every time

A quick Thank You for the fast service and great prices. The people I meet at the gun range show are surprised when I share my experience of doing business with you. Quick service, great prices and excellent products. You guys have “hit it out of the ballpark” every time I do business with you. Thank you and keep up this good work.!


Great company to deal with, TONS of selections of ammo

I want to start by saying that no, this isn’t the fastest company in the world to ship out orders. They aren’t Amazon, they’re a busy ammunition manufacturing company that conveniently sells direct to the customer. They also stock over 1,000 different products from other ammunition companies, so I can assume that they have a tremendous demand on the products that have available. I was skeptical at first, but their customer service was great at handling my order and communicating timeframe for shipping and receiving my shipment. I have ordered three times from Southern Munitions and will continue to do so. If I end up in an immediate need for ammo, I try to find local. For the best price and availability, I shop Southern Munitions.


I Am a USPSA competitor , Shot 200 Rounds Of It This Morning With No Issue

I am a USPSA competitor and I am always looking for the best deals on ammo due to the volume I shoot. Came across Southern Munitions and decided to give them a shot. Ordered 1000 of their 124 grain 9mm load. I got it 4 days after I ordered it. Shot 200 rounds of it this morning with no issue. Ammo seems to be consistent from round to round. I’ll post another update after I’ve shot a few thousand rounds but as of now I am pleased.


If looks are any indication this ammo will be great.

If looks are any indication this ammo will be great. Looks much nicer than the store bought Winchester ammo I have been shooting.

John Owens

Received it quickly and all looked great.

Recently ordered 1000 – 124gr. 9mm. Received it quickly and all looked great. Will be firing it off soon. Thanks

Alex Rainwater

You guys are really good.

You guys are really good. I just received my order of 100 rounds of 9mm hybrid hollow point ammo. Quick ship and really good delivered price. Keep up the good work.


Great engagement and customer experience

Great engagement and customer experience during my selection process and initial purchase, looking forward to more !!!!

Eric Watson

I would love to order

I would love to order something!

Leon Rookey

I’m Happy

I placed my order later in the day, so I didn’t expect same day processing especially as I’m on MST time. Order was in UPS possession before close of business next day. Very happy on Southern Munitions part. There was a day extra from UPS but it was February so I imagine it was a weather delay. No big deal. Got a couple boxes of .300 WinMag Hornady ELD for a fair price and it was shipped tight in secure packaging. Not much else you could ask for. Will be using them again


Thank you Southern Munitions

Thank you Southern Mentions and sales associate Jennifer for helping me with my order and telling me the right kind of ammo to buy, (9mm for a Glock).I have told my friends about Southern Munitions. I look forward to buying more ammo from Southern Munitions.


Runs Great

Ive ordered a couple thousand rounds or reman 9mm a couple times now and not only has the shipping time been better than most other places but I’ve yet to have a single issue with a single round. They run great and I’m always scouring their site looking for my next purchase


Waiting on some 223

Bought some reman 9mm a year ago that works just fine. Expecting the 223 Remington to run the same. Update, got to shoot some of the 223, flawless. Looks better than the new Winchester I have been buying.


Great Company!

Southern Munitions is my go to for ammo.  I’ve bought several thousand rounds of .223, .556, and 9mm and have yet to have a bad cartridge.  Delivery right to my doorstep always earlier than I expect.  Ryan is good people and his business is no less than stellar.


This is the place!

Customer service is the name of the game.  Order your ammo from SM, you won’t be disappointed.


Great place to do business with

I bought 338 lapua ammo. They are quick to respond to questions and are very helpful and knowledgeable on their products. Will definitely be buying more from them!


Don’t hesitate to buy.

Via AmmoSeek:

Ordered some reman 9. Took about 2 weeks to ship, but I can live with that. Ammo was well packaged, no dings that I have seen and runs great. Don’t hesitate to buy.


Great Customer Service!!

I ordered 500 rounds 40S&W and had an issue. Use a lot of reman ammo at the range to save money. Have never ordered from Southern Munitions but have to say I wish more businesses had this level of customer service. I emailed them on. A Saturday evening after being at the range and Jennifer got back to me within an hour. Wasn’t expecting that on a Saturday. They addressed it promptly and better than I could’ve asked. No complaints whatsoever. I will definitely use them in the future. Very professional and really cared about my issue. Shipping was fast. Response was fast. Not sure why some people don’t try to resolve their problems 1st before slamming someone online. Nothing is perfect and sometimes things don’t work out the way we want. I certainly know that in my business but, sometimes, when things go wrong it is an opportunity to show your customers what you are made of. They showed me they’re good people who care about their product and their customer. Can’t ask for much more!


Order was a few days

Order was a few days late. Understandable for how busy and short staffed places are. Excited to burn through some rounds! Thank you Southern Munitions!

Luke Goslee

GREAT customer service!!

On Friday 3/18/2022 I thought I had ordered 1000 rnds of reloaded 115 gr 9 mm but later that night realized I had ordered 124gr. I sent an email that night explaining MY mistake and asked to change my order to 115gr. I did not expect to here anything back until Monday but to my surprise I received an email on Saturday saying that was not a problem and they would change it. They had stated that do to demand it may take up to 10 days to fill my order, I received it in 5 days!!! I have not had a chance to shoot yet but they came very well packaged and all look in great shape! I am VERY satisfied with Southern Munition and will do business with them in the future! Thank You Southern Munitions!! Larry S.E. Wisconsin

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